Grand Tea Party Lolita Latinoamérica

It’s time to re-start this blog speaking about the Harajuku fashion in every conrner of this World!

Two weeks ago a big event happened in Lima, Peru. So, I asked to Malu to tell me something about the “Grand tea Party Lolita Latinoamérica” and her community.
Event Facebook Page


Have you got many tea parties in your country during the year?
Yes, we have a lot of tea parties along the year, but of the “smaller kind”. They are organized by the peruvian comm Lolimafia, or groups of friends like Pinky Frilly Channel and Loli Time. But big events like the one that was held a few weeks ago, they are not so common.

About the event “grand tea party lolita latinoamérica” what’s happened? How is developed? What liked you more? Which guests or shops at tea party liked you more?Well, I know it started with the idea of bringing guest from overseas, like Briz Blossom and Dandy Armi, they both are representatives of their styles in an international scale. Also, latinamerican brands wanted to be shown to the audience too. I feel the was not a lot of order in the chronogram, but this is the first time such a big event was held here in Peru, I hope this small mistakes will be taken care of in the next event. What I liked the most was the international guests, I already knew some of them by Facebook and was really happy to be able to see them. I also loved Sayuri from Ecuador, she’s a lovely girl with wonderful ilustrations, and I had the chance to buy a piece of her work.
Regarding the stores, I liked to share moments with the models and designer in the runway. Designers from Chile and Bolivia came, and a mexican brand could participate too by sending their clothes. Brands from my country took part too, I even colaborated with Monstre Charmant modeling one their designs. All the different brands had really pretty designs, but if I have to chose my favorite by my personal taste I’d go for Monstre Charmant (Peru),The Hidden Room (Peru), Chérie Cerise (Chile), Pirates and the Crown Rose (Chile – They sent a dress to be put and the runway and be raffled afterwards) and Rebel Butterfly (Mexico. They sent really cute clothes)

The other part of the event I really liked were the raffles, lots of girls won pretty stuff and there was an overall feeling of excitement in everyone.

How much is big your community in Peru?
We are not a lot, maybe we are around 150 or 200 people. The good thing is comms outside the capital are growing, if we talk about Lolita and Boystyle.

How do you live the harajuku fashion of everyday? What about the people of Peru with these fashion?
In my personal case I wear Aomoji Kei, Lolita and Boystyle, I wear whenever I can. In the comm it depends on each one. But there’s people that follow Harajuku Fashion. Not so long ago we had a Harajuku Fashion Walk here in Peru. I know a lot of people like it.
People’s reaction varies a lot, like in many places, they ask what are we wearing, sometimes they say compliments, some other times they mock us or say disgusting things. But what is always present are the stranged looks towards what people think it’s different.

Photo credits:
Rafael Arévalo – Cosplay Perú
Kim Morla
Anni Fotografia


I am very fascinated by Lolita from Latinoamérica ❤ I would like to attend one of them tea party one day ~
What do you think about their event and community? Write me a comment to let me know ❤

Storm Neverland.


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