Your head is the “Donut Hole”

Who loves donuts?! ME!
Sugar sprinkled on the icing, colorful decoration, strawberry taste. Gnam!

Obviously, someone in Japan has thought that donuts could be a good idea to make a print for a t-shirt. This is what RRR BY SUGAR SPOT FACTORY made. Aiba Runa is the director/designer of this brand and in August she has got a temporary shop in Harajuku, at Laforet.
Laforet Page
Aiba Runa Twitter
Aiba Runa Instagram



Aiba Runa description from the official site of  RRR BY SUGAR SPOT FACTORY
Born in 1996, her first sensational debut was when she was barely 16 years old, apperception on the Harajuku fashion centric magazine as a model. She has been one of the iconic fashion model and attracted young girls.
She enjoys the creative collaboration in fields of fashion, interior design, food, and eventually her first life style brand has been launched this April.

I’m really curious to see new design in the future. What do your think about the donuts? Do you want one of this t-shirt? Let me know in the comment, I’m going to buy a donut, now! Se ya!


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