Discover Alis Rosenberg from Romanian lolita comm!

Working on my lolita comics  “Lolita lifestyle” on Tapastic, I’ve knew many lolitas around the world. One of them is Alis. She is Romanian, and before to know her, I never thought that could be a lolita community in Romania. I’m so sorry about that.
So, I decided to ask her something about her life and comm.


How much big is the lolita community in Romania?
The lolita community in Romania isnt so big. I would say around 50 lolitas I know of, but we try to spread the word ! Most of us live in different cities so its hard to meet in real-life, but we do communicate a lot via social networks to keep it all together !
Do you have tea parties or meeting during the year?
We have tea parties from 2 to 2 years, not very often as you can see. We gather in the capital, in Bucharest. We also have fashion shows during anime conventions ^_^
Does the culture of your country influence your style?
Well, I personally do not take any traditional romanian influence, but the fashion from the interbellum period influences me, even though the people from Romania at that time were just following the french trends 😀
Where do you get inspiration for your outfits?
I usually take my inspiration from catholic churches and baroque period. Marie-Antoinette is my fashion icon.
When is arrived lolita fashion in Romania? 
The lolita fashion arrived like 5-6 years ago in Romania, but it became much more popular lately.
How is the lolita everyday life in your country?
Well, my everyday lolita life is ok. It depends where you live. If you live at the countryside, it is more difficult. I live in Cluj-Napoca, the heart of Transylvania and I am fortunate because being a big city, it has a fashion scene and people usually just give me weird or intrigued looks.
What think your family about lolita fashion?
My mom got used to it, even if she did not agree at first saying the lolita fashion is too fancy and over the top. Now she is a fan of classic lolita hahahahaha! She often says that she would like to try to dress up as a classic lolita sometime ^_^. When I try a more decorated style she often replies: Its too much, why not try something more simple? I laugh and reply that I dress how my hearts wants. My father doesnt like it, saying that I’m not mature enough because I like to dress up like a princess. He does not understand fashion too well, so I do not mind.
I hope this community grow up in the future with new people in the comm! *_*
And you, what do you think?

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