Harajuku Fashion Walk is a rose in the middle of the desert

I’m not so able to make long arguments in English. I’m a little disaster with other languages, but I would to try anyway. Comunicate is such an important thing, expecially for whom live in a subculture like us. (so, sorry for my stupid mistakes)

picture by 1/200 Shutter Speed Photography

In Italy we have differents Harajuku Fashion Walk. I know well the one in my city, Torino. There are others in Venezia, Pescara, sometime Milano and maybe in other cities that now I don’t know.
This kind of Fashion Walk is a curious phenomenon that not so many countries get for now. They are born suddenly in different sides of Italy and they’ve became an occasion for meet up other people outside the comics fairs and conventions.
I’ve built as others a great web of friendships, I’ve found many friends and the Fashion Walk has became a good time for cultivate fashions we love.


Obviously about the fashion, people older, with more experience about the style and usually over teen years, are often leaders. Now, in my Harajuku Fashion Walk, in Torino, the older generation is dying. Someone has gone in another country (England or Japan) and others have quit.


Without the care of older generetion to be a model for younger, the Fashion Walk as only space where stay togheter in an Harajuku mood, Harajuku subculture in my city could die.
Leader are important just for inspirate other to be the same.
I see Harajuku community in other countries grow up and become bigger, and I see my community in my city become smaller.
Now I’m searching a way for change that.


Harajuku is one of the last and most important way to have alternative fashion in the World and in Italy there is a problem about a new generation with new ideas and creativity that could be new fresh blood inside the blood vessels of our Harajuku subculture. This generation almost doesn’t exist.

So, I think should be a task of olders don’t allow to ¬†Italian Harajuku going to die in the next years.
Have you some suggest for me?


Photos by Giulia Hepburn


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